Tofu Ideas (Cauldron Foods)

I cook with tofu regularly, but sometimes get stuck in a rut of making the same dishes - usually baked tofu with ramen noodles, or golden tofu with green vegetables. Cauldron have some interesting tofu recipes on the or website which I've bookmarked to try. Tofu Rogan Josh with Chilli Rice Saag Aloo Tofu … Continue reading Tofu Ideas (Cauldron Foods)


American National Kale Day: 3/10/18

American National Kale Day falls on 3th October 2018, celebrating this healthy green leafy vegetable. Kale is often called a "super food" due to its dense nutritional content.  According to the National Kale Day website, one portion of kale (one cup size) contains only 33 calories, but manages to pack in 134% of the RDA … Continue reading American National Kale Day: 3/10/18

World Vegetarian Day: 1st October 2018

World Vegetarian Day 2018   Founded in 1977, World Vegetarian Day strives to inform the public about the benefits of vegetarianism, on a personal and world level. We're not vegetarians, but I do cook vegetarian (and vegan) meals on a weekly basis.  Some favourites include: Topped Carrot Soup (vegan): Baked Eggs in Green Peppers … Continue reading World Vegetarian Day: 1st October 2018