Nicaraguan Vigorón and Tajadas (Tasty)

Nicaraguan Vigorón and Tajadas I've enjoyed the recent Latin American recipes on Tasty. Often, they're a slightly different take on ingredients I'm familiar with, but used in a different way.  This recipe includes yuca, salsa, pork rinds, and fried plantain strips (called 'tajadas', I'd call them 'chifles' in Peru).  I love the tasty of yuca, … Continue reading Nicaraguan Vigorón and Tajadas (Tasty)


My Spice Collection 3

My Spice Collection I've already given a bit of an overview about the herbs and spices I use here - a mix of flavours from Scotland, Perú, Spain, México, and elsewhere. I've also written about Palillo (Tumeric) here as it's so central to traditional Peruvian cooking.       I also use a lot … Continue reading My Spice Collection 3