British Egg Week: 8th -14th October

This year's British Egg Week carries the tagline "Don’t get hangry, get cracking", the idea being that eggs make a quick and easy meal to keep hunger at bay for longer. I use quite a lot of free range eggs in my cooking, in both savoury and sweet dishes. This recipe for baked eggs in … Continue reading British Egg Week: 8th -14th October


Saturday Baking

I often bake at the weekends, and since starting this blog, have shared some of those recipes, such as: A Dozen Little Breakfast Rolls Fruity Almond Bread and Butter Pudding And the ever-popular Vegan Berry and Banana Loaf What do you like baking at the weekend? What should I try next...?

American National Kale Day: 3/10/18

American National Kale Day falls on 3th October 2018, celebrating this healthy green leafy vegetable. Kale is often called a "super food" due to its dense nutritional content.  According to the National Kale Day website, one portion of kale (one cup size) contains only 33 calories, but manages to pack in 134% of the RDA … Continue reading American National Kale Day: 3/10/18