British Egg Week: 8th -14th October

This year’s British Egg Week carries the tagline “Don’t get hangry, get cracking”, the idea being that eggs make a quick and easy meal to keep hunger at bay for longer.

slice of eggs on cakes
Photo by Trang Doan on

I use quite a lot of free range eggs in my cooking, in both savoury and sweet dishes.

This recipe for baked eggs in green peppers is really easy:

The most significant recent changes in egg consumption are improvements in produce safety, and veganism gaining followers.  Last year, the Food Standards Agency (UK) confirmed that hen eggs can be safely consumed by everyone when partially cooked (runny), or raw.  This includes vulnerable groups such as pregnant women and the elderly; previously pregnant women had been advised to avoid runny eggs, but now, as long as the eggs are Lion stamped, they are deemed safe to eat when undercooked or even raw.

Conversely, the rise in veganism means that people who previously ate eggs are looking for alternatives; in baking this may mean using banana or applesauce, whereas in savoury cooking eggs can sometimes be substituted for tofu.

Eggs are used in many Peruvian dishes, such as ocopa, papa a la huancaina, and ají de gallina.  If you’d be interested in me publishing traditional recipes such as these, please let me know.


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