My Spice Collection 3

My Spice Collection

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I’ve already given a bit of an overview about the herbs and spices I use here – a mix of flavours from Scotland, Perú, Spain, México, and elsewhere.

I’ve also written about Palillo (Tumeric) here as it’s so central to traditional Peruvian cooking.




I also use a lot of smoked paprika in my cooking.  It lends a depth of flavour, heat, and rustic smokiness to savoury dishes.

Some traditional Peruvian cooking is carried out using a ‘pacha manca’ (earth oven) or a ‘briqueta’ (coal-style burner) which give dishes, especially the slow cooked ones, a smokey aftertaste which is hard to reproduce in an conventional oven. While not replicating that very specific aroma, I find that using smoked spices gives a little nod to the flavours from authentic cooking practices.

I find smoked paprika an easy spice to use in cooking. You can add a pinch to a chicken tray bake, tomato soup, rice dish, or hearty stew.

Smoked paprika works well in a bean and vegetable chilli like this one:

It’s also great in a one-pot rice dish, like this one:


I like this smoked paprika by La Chinata and was happy when I found it in a supermarket in Scotland


Do you use paprika or smoked paprika in your cooking? 

Do you like smokey flavours too? 


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