My Spice Collection 1: Palillo (Tumeric)

My spice cupboard #1:

Palillo (Tumeric)

Name in Peruvian Spanish:

palillo molido (pronounced “pah-LEE-yo moh-LEE-doh”)

Also may be known as: La cúrcuma (pronounced “lah COOr-coo-mah”)

Name in English: Ground tumeric


This deep yellow ground spice adds depth of flavour, spice and colour to a savoury dish. It’s one of the staples in my home cooking.



What recipes can I use Palillo in?

🇵🇪 Palillo is used in many traditional Peruvian dishes such as ocopa, arroz a la jardinera, and various stews. I also add it to carrot soup and some slow cooker meals. I often add Palillo to this carrot soup recipe:

And to this bean chilli recipe:


Where can I buy it?

I find it hard to source authentic Perúvian Palillo in the UK, but have found some suppliers on Amazon. I am lucky that family post  me packages of ingredients! You could also substitute palillo for ground tumeric, which is easy to find in larger supermarkets.


If you use palillo or turmeric in your cooking, let me know below!


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