Best Quick Hot Chocolate

Best Quick Hot Chocolate Recipe

This quick hot chocolate recipe tastes indulgent without being too high in sugar.  The added maca gives it more depth of flavour, and an added health boost.

This post is not sponsored by any brands


Serves: 1


1 spoonful of hot chocolate powder (I used ColaCao)
1 squirt of Sweet Freedom liquid (I used the Caramel flavour)
1 mugful of unsweetened almond milk
1 tsp of maca powder
1 tbsp boiling water
1 small handful of mini marshmallows
Your favourite mug!



1. Boil water, then take your favourite mug, add a tbsp. of water and dissolve the hot chocolate powder, stirring quickly to remove any lumps.

2. Add the maca powder and stir to dissolve.

3. Add a squirt of Sweet Freedom liquid and stir.

4. Add the unsweetened almond milk, leaving a space at the top of the mug.

5. Sprinkle on the mini marshmallows.

6. Curl up and enjoy!




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