Baby food: mango and banana purée

Baby Food: mango and banana purée


This is an easy recipe, which makes a smooth and sweet purée which hopefully your baby will love!



Makes 4 small portions

1/2 ripe mango

1 banana


First, peel and chop the banana into a blender-safe bowl.

Next, peel the mango – I know there are other ways to do this such as making a “hedgehog”, but I always use the following method: roll the mango on the table a little, to help the flesh loosen from the skin.  Next, take a standard vegetable peeler, and peel it like a carrot. When peeled, chop the mango in slices, as close to the stone as you can. In this recipe, we ate the first larger slices, then used the smaller and more mushy bits near the stone for the piree.

Put the mango in the bowl and blend thoroughly with a hand blender.



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