Canchita Salada




~~~Canchita Salada~~~

In Perú, this canchita salada is a popular snack alongside cold drinks or late morning ceviche. I also sometimes add it as a crunchy topping to soups.


Serves 2 as a light snack or accompanying dish

* A good handful of toasting corn “canchita”

* A glug of sunflower oil

* A quality course salt (I like pink himalayan salt)



Heat the oil in a pot with a lid, making sure the bottom of the pot is fully covered with oil,  and add the corn. Swirl it around to cover the corn and put the lid on. I made the mistake of waiting to put the lid on once ans the corn popped out everywhere! Wait and listen for the same  “pop” you bear with popcorn. After a couple of minutes,  or less, the pops will slow down. Remove from the heat as soon as this happens so the corn doesn’t burn. You can always put it back on the heat if more corn needs to pop. Once done, tip into a bowl and add salt. I like canchita quite heavily salted, especially when accompanying a nice cold drink!




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