Baby Food: no dairy creamy avocado

~~~Baby Food: no dairy creamy avocado~~~


This is an easy, nutritious meal for babies, and particularly good for those who are dairy intolerant as it still manages to be ‘creamy’ without the additional of cream cheese or cows milk yoghurt.


* 1/4 avocado
* 1 tbsp plain soya yoghurt (very low sugar)
* optional: 2 tsps grated vegan cheese alternative to serve)


Remove 1/4 of the flesh of an avocado and mash it in a bowl. If your baby isn’t keen on lumps, mash it with a fork, then the back of a spoon to make it really smooth. Push to the side of the bowl and add the soya yoghurt on the empty side. If you keep both parts unmixed, you can choose the avocado to yoghurt ratio with each spoonful.

My baby likes this with a little grated vegan cheese alternative on the side, but its inclusion is optional because I think it’s a bit of an ‘acquired taste’!


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