Potato and Chorizo Broth

~~~Potato and Chorizo Broth~~~


I make a lot of soups, especially during the colder months, and this one is a great way to use up the end of a chorizo you might have, maximising the flavour from it.


Serves 2

* About 1 inch of chorizo, peeled and roughly chopped into small pieces

* Around 12 pieces of pasta

* 2 new potatoes (or equivalent amount of another kind of potato)

* beef stock cube

* 2 pieces of frozen broccoli

* 1 tbsp broth mix^

* 1/2 tbsp quinua (as dry)

* orégano to taste (a few pinches)

^ dried broth mix usually includes barley, split peas, green peas, red lentils



Put around three cups of boiling water into a soup pot and add the peeled and sliced potatoes, broth mix, and rinsed quinua. Crumble in a beef stock cube and allow to boil for 5 minutes. Now, add the roughly chopped chorizo and reduce the heat. Add the broccoli and stir. Add more water if you need to. After a few minutes, add the pasta pieces. Add the oregano once the pasta is nearly cooked. To serve, you may want to stir a little because others the broth mix seems to settle in the bottom of the pot.

Served below with homemade chunky croutons.



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